Expect to hear the Bible read, proclaimed, and taught. Expect to hear all of it rather than only some parts of it.

Expect to be invited into the simple yet profound gospel of God’s grace that is more wonderful, more rich, more offensive, more liberating, more thorough, and more counter-intuitive than any of us can imagine.

Expect to grow, and come desiring to grow! As the church father Gregory the Great once said, “Scripture is like a river again, broad and deep, shallow enough here for the lamb to go wading, but deep enough there for the elephant to swim.” We love this Word at this church, we revel both in its simplicity and in its profundity, and you can expect that we will seek to love it more and more.

When do you meet?


10:45 am Morning Service of Worship

6 pm Evening Service of Worship

Where are your worship services?

We share the Zion Lutheran Church property in Coraopolis, PA on the northwest side of Pittsburgh and about ten minutes from Pittsburgh International Airport. Our address is 1305 State Ave., Coraopolis, PA 15108.

What should I do with my children?

You will notice our many children in corporate worship. We certainly do not mind the normal noises of our little ones! In fact, we delight in these natural reminders of their presence with us and their belonging to the Lord. For these reasons and more, please feel free to keep your children with you throughout the service, although you should also feel free to stay with them in our Parlor downstairs (where there is a small video monitor for the sermon), or to come and go with them as their needs require.

What should I wear?

We hope you’ll wear whatever makes you comfortable and is in keeping with the dignity and special character of the occasion. You’ll find some people dressed quite casually (jeans, polos, t-shirts) and most will be dressed more formally (suits, slacks, dresses, skirts). Most importantly, though, come prepared for sacred worship of the holy and gracious triune God of salvation.